In moments of introspection, I find inspiration in the world of insects, recognizing their longevity, diversity, and resilience as a reminder of our relative insignificance in the vast universe. My interest in entomology is a personal journey, not just a scientific pursuit, allowing me to connect with the intricate web of life on Earth and appreciate the beauty in the small and seemingly insignificant. Each insect's unique role in the ecosystem highlights the delicate balance of our planet. This concept allowed me to step outside of individual concerns, acknowledging the profound changes in life, much like the stages of insect metamorphosis. This collection reflects my own journey of personal growth and transformation, drawing parallels between the stages of metamorphosis and myown life experiences. For this collection, I focused on sustainability by developing various biomaterials through experimentation. 
Look 11: Made entirely using Biomaterials paired alongside a skirt crafted with 64 panels.
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